Although AGRO’s Superpull event typically begins when everyone comes together on Sunday, this year Nassau Chainsaw made the very long trip down to get the excitement started Saturday night. I was heartbroken not to make it in time for the show, but I have heard from everyone who was able to be there that it was phenomenal. Considering their combination of music, energy, and hooks on stage, as well as their history with Peter and Spliff, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting group to kick off the weekend than these guys. I think for a lot of the people who were present, this show was much needed therapy. Whether they were catching up with friends, taking hooks, or getting roughed up in the pit, it was exactly what a lot of they needed to get things in motion for Superpull.

There are only so many things I can say about Superpull for those who weren’t there, so much of what is happening has to be felt. As many of you know, this year’s pull was dedicated to Arwen “Spliff” Rosa and Peter Tabaco; they were loved practitioners, friends, and brothers the suspension community lost in 2011. With their memory fresh on so many people’s minds, the amount of love and energy that was in the room could be felt before the pull ever began as over 80 men and women made their way through the process of piercing and rigging to get attached to the hub. With slideshow of the men we were remembering playing in the background, and a majority of the people attached and ready to go, it was time to kick off Superpull 2012.

One of my favorite parts of a pull is that moment right before it begins. The energy and excitement becomes so real in the room, it’s almost something you could touch. Everyone is on edge just waiting to take those first few steps. And then it began; the slack came out of the lines and the tension lifted the center hub from the ground. Throughout the room there were mixed expressions as people settled in to the feeling, but the room was quickly filled with smiles as friends pulled alongside one another at this unique and incredible event.

It was a fantastic experience, with a range of emotions for everyone there. Although, for many of the people I have spoken to, nothing could top the suspensions by Spliff’s mother and stepfather later that day. Randy and Teka both chose to suspend that evening, and I don’t think there is an environment could have been more positive or more full of love for them both than Superpull that day. This was Teka’s second suspension and Randy’s first. I can’t imagine the emotions they were both dealing with as we remembered their son, but I hope they were both able to get everything they wanted and needed out of their time together in the air.

Thank you so much to everyone in AGRO who worked to hard to make Superpull happen. It was a fantastic time with friends and family, and I can’t wait to see where next year takes it.

Photos courtesy of Lauren Work and Tabatha Miller.