If you think deciding to suspend is a tough call, consider the weight of choosing to suspend by leaping from the edge of a tower with nothing but the hooks in your back to catch you as you fall. James Hill found out exactly how much he had to push himself to take the final steps to the edge and let go when he did this free fall suspension with the Sinner Team in Russia. Although he said the overall experience was amazing, his initial nervousness was only amplified when he chose to do a normal rope jump with a harness, an experience he didn’t care for at all. This rope jump gave him a lot to think about as person after person took their turn. Finally, there was no one left but him. He said Stanislav did a wonderful job in coaching him as he approached the edge, and most of it is a blur other than hearing Stanislav tell him “Ready, set, GO!”. The next thing he knew he was swinging and screaming with excitement and emotion as he took in the incredible experience. It had such an impact on him that he said even talking about it months later makes the hair on his arms stand up and a smile cross his face.

As an added bonus for James, he was able to use the footage taken of his free fall suspension to make this music video for his one man music project,  Yudlugar. It isn’t his first time using body suspension as a visual for his music, and has even considered eventually bringing it into his live performance.

Thank you so much for sending this in James! It is wonderful to know what a fantastic time you had with it.