When you think of dangerous suspensions what comes to mind?  I’m sure one of the two helicopter suspensions might be your first thought.  Yes two, Criss Angel was the second.  Joey Strange did it first 5 years prior but that’s another blog all together.  Maybe it’s one of the crane suspensions.  Stelarc did hang over 200 feet (61 meters) in the air from a tower crane back in 1985. There is a beautiful video of him suspended in the center of Copenhagen, but we have yet to find a clip a online.  Possibly one of the human mobiles?  Again another entry you will see in the future, but today’s blog deals with something a lot smaller, but potentially just as dangerous, the 360.  The video below compiled by Ron Garza shows some clips using the device, created by Steel Fetish, with multiple warnings included.

We realize, to many people, suspension is all about pushing boundaries, but safety cannot and should not be sacrificed in the name of performance art.  If you do have a wild hair and feel like trying something that’s never been done before, please do the research, test the physics and check your math.  Being the first has its rewards, but putting yourself or your team at risk is never worth the glory.