For many people, their first suspension is the hardest. Once the decision is made that it is something you want to do, a hundred questions cross your mind, and the nerves tend to set in. What will it be like, will you enjoy it, can you handle it, and who do you talk to about facilitating it for you? The last question is the big one; the people you suspend with and the environment they create will certainly determine not only how well you are cared for in regards to cleanliness and contamination, but also the experience that you have. A good team can take what might be an intimidating situation and turn it into a wonderfully positive event in your life. For those of you interested in performing a suspension or pull, CoRE will be hosting private suspensions on May 27th, 2012 in the San Francisco Bay area. Of course this isn’t just for first timers, it will be available to anyone who is interested in the experience of a body suspension or an energy pull. CoRE is a great team made up of some fantastic practitioners, I’m positive anyone suspending with them will have a wonderful time. There will only be 10 openings available, so make sure contact them as soon as possible if you are interested.