In writing for Hook Life, the hardest part is not simply finding material that we can feature, but finding suspensions that have been documented with high quality photos and videos. There are few groups that choose to seek out professional photographers and cinematographers to capture what they do, but those that take the time really make me so excited when I see their work. So much is put into what we do, it’s nice to see the same care and effort put into sharing our art with others. Bardo is certainly a group that puts a considerable amount of time into creating something beautiful; it shows through in their suspensions as well as in the photos and videos that accompany their work. In this video by Jesse Hall and Ashleigh Abbott, we are given a spectator’s view of their performance at the Hydra Gallery in January.

On their website, Bardo explains that their goal is to allow the spectators to share in the experience of body suspension as they watch the performers. It only makes sense then that the best way for a video to really give us a glimpse of what their performance is like would be to show it from that audience perspective. While this is very well done and does a wonderful job of letting us see into their beautiful gallery display, I have a feeling that no picture or video can’t do justice to how impressive it would have been to see in person.

Bardo is a group that I instantly loved when I first saw their work. Their focus on both art and experience are two things that stand out in the lovely suspensions they create, which are always presented through high quality media rather than blurry¬†camera phone shots or grainy video. I was so happy to get the chance to speak with a few of their members at the Dallas Suscon this year; it’s always nice to find out that the individuals behind the team are just as incredible as the work that they present. With their attitudes toward body suspensions, their views on the beauty and art in what we do, and their immense amount of creativity, I think this is a team that we are going to see do some amazing and inspiring things in our community.

I can’t wait to see what these guys do next, and I am sure I will be writing about it here when it happens. And just for fun for those of you who might be as curious about their name as I was, the name Bardo in Tibetan Buddhism refers to the state of the soul between its death and its rebirth. Although our community certainly has a wide and diverse collection of belief systems within it, I think it is a great description of the place that a lot of people go within themselves when they suspend.

Thank you to the guys in Bardo for sharing this with us. I hope we see more of your work here in the future.