After looking at suspension photos for hours a day, it’s easy to feel as if there is nothing new to see. It seems like the moment that crosses my mind, something stunning like this comes along and reminds me how incredibly beautiful and ever changing our art form can be. Although these photos do not involve a traditional hook pull, I feel that they are a wonderful example of how diverse and creative the act of a flesh pull can be. This is the first time I have seen a needle pull being done in this way. In this project titled “Lifted”, 30 needles are laced together and pulled taunt to create this stunning visual.

For 7, who is seen in these photos, the ideas for her projects come from a twisting of fairytales and dreams with her desire to break the skin. Although she has tried a traditional hook pull in the past, needles make a much better medium for her art which makes use of the flexibility of needles. The number of needles, colors, and sizes can all change to accomodate any ideas she can dream up. Along with the visual advantages of needles, the physical effects on her play a key role as well. 7 says that each additional needle is a challenge that uncovers a new layer of emotion, and for many of us who have had several hooks or needles in one sitting, we can relate to that feeling of building intensity.

In her journey to make these visions become a reality, 7 crossed paths with Joe Parker who was seeking someone who could handle extreme needle play for the ideas that he wanted to create. His piercing and fabrication skills along with their combined creativity made them the perfect pair for this project. The final piece to creating their team, which goes by Solvere7, came together with the addition of photographer Carlo Silvio, and I would say his work speaks for itself in these lovely photographs of the project.

They are already working on more plans for future scenes they would like to arrange, and I can’t wait to see what other creations this talented group comes up with. Thank you so much for all of the information, 7. Please keep in touch as you continue to turn your ideas into reality with these wonderful scenes.