Often when I come across photos of people suspending that I would like to feature on Hook Life, it involves hunting down the photographer, the suspension team, the suspendee, or all three. Along with that comes getting permission to use their photos, as well as asking question after question to get all the details I need to write about the who, what, and why that needs to go with the photos. Well, luckily for me Russ Foxx was nice enough to make my job easy by not only putting me in touch with Kelsi Jane, the stunning young lady he suspended for these photos, but also sending me the experience written in her own words. I always hate to ‘warn’ people that photos contain nudity, because I personally don’t think that it’s a bad thing, but for those of you browsing through Hook Life at work, this is your notice that the photos feature a beautiful suspension that was performed nude.

From Kelsi Jane:

“I’ve always wanted to do a birthday suspension. I did a simple 4 hook ‘suicide’ suspension a couple months ago and it was a truly amazing experience. After my first time hanging, I was intrigued to learn the history behind the act. I read that for some Native American tribes it stood as a rite of passage for young boys to turn into young men. February 15th, 2012 I turned 19 years old. Since this is the legal age of adulthood here in BC, I figured I would have my very own rite of passage. This time I chose to do a 6-hook ‘suicide’ suspension set much like wings, and dubbed it an angel suspension. I wanted to do it in a studio in which I could go very high up and conquer my fear of heights, so I called up Vince Hemingson to see if he would like to photograph this wonderful experience for me. He told me he had always wanted to document a suspension and obliged quite happily. He asked me to do it in the nude- at first this freaked me out as I had never taken nude pictures besides the odd shot for a loved one, but I thought, ‘What the heck, why not face another fear?’ We set the date for the Sunday after my birthday, February 18th.

That Sunday rolled around and I found myself terrified of the idea of hanging nude in front of numerous strangers. That anxiety was soon subdued as I came out of make up completely naked and met nothing but smiles. Russ Foxx was incredibly comforting as I lay upon his piercing table. I had Russ Foxx and an assistant of his inserting hooks into my back at once; it was intensely painful but I pulled through with my man’s hands in mine. We then moved to the studio area Vince and Russ had set up and started the rigging. At first, when I came up, I felt utterly sick and had to go down rather quickly. After a quick 5 minute break and a chocolate I was up again and didn’t come down again for almost an hour. I could not believe how free it felt to swing about in the nude! With the way the hooks were placed I could move my arms about and enjoy it alot more than the 4-hook suicide suspension I had done before. It was simply blissful; I barely noticed the handful of strangers watching my bare body swing around on hooks.

Before we had gone up, Russ had informed me that with this kind of suspension I could safely lift somebody up. It took about 40 minutes before I asked my man, Steve, how he would feel if I wanted to lift him. He seemed hesitant but was quickly reassured by Russ and I, and soon I had almost tripled the weight held by the hooks placed in my back. I only lifted him for a moment, but, after that I felt like I could do just about anything. I feel it created a strong connection between us. I went down for about 10 minutes after, due to a tad bit of nausea, then when I asked if I could go back up, Russ suggested a tug-of-war in which he held onto the rigging plate. I was surprised that at that point, I didn’t feel any pain at all, just yet another rush of adrenaline. I pulled and pulled until Russ’ arm got sore, then decided that we end the night’s festivities.

This was an amazing experience to me; I cannot thank Russ enough. Vince caught some amazing shots and I wish to thank him profusely as well. It increased my confidence; I feel like I can do anything, and face any fear I have with a grin on my face. I’m now alot more comfortable with my body and have been doing a little bit of nude modeling. I’ve learned to embrace adrenaline rather than fear it. I cannot wait to hang again! ”

Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate moment and your experience with us Kelsi. And a big thanks to Russ Foxx for the information! Congratulations on the fantastic suspension.