We’re approaching this year’s last breath, perhaps even this world’s, and if anyone out there is like me, this puts you in a very thoughtful nostalgia for all of the events of this past year. It’s been a phenomenal year for me, in some ways I’m still pinching myself trying to figure out if things really happened. Lucky for me, I have proof and as I look through the thousands of photos sitting in my hard drive, the hundreds of hours of video; I feel like it would be wrong not to share.

This is one of those moments I was able to capture on video using my phone. The event was the Oslo Suspension Symposium hosted by Wings of Desire in Norway. The main reason I was there was to attend the lectures, mainly to hear Stelarc speak. Not only was his lecture fascinating and heavy with concepts (my kind of candy) but it gave us a glimpse of the kind of person that is Stelarc.

After attending Allen Falkner’s lecture on the history of Suspension, which mentioned a lot of his work, he could be seen approaching people to converse. This simple show of humility left an indelible impression on me, there is much more to Stelarc that makes him an admirable person. During one of our conversations we asked him about the suspensions he performed in the 80s and as he began to speak it became clear that there was much more to the performances, there were some incredible stories to go along with the beautiful images. This is one of them. Here he talks about the amazing seaside suspension, the rigging and the obstacles he and his crew were faced with. You get a glimpse of how gracious he is about sharing his experiences with our community, his sense of humor, and how nerdy he can get when talking about the art of film.

Even though this year is coming to an end I definitely have something to look forward to, Stelarc will be attending this year’s Dallas Suspension Convention. Just one more reason Suscon should not be missed.