These photos come all the way from Croatia, and feature some fun shots of a guerrilla suspension by the beautiful Ana Laco. They chose to perform this suspension early Easter morning to avoid traffic as she hung from the center sign of the road they were on. Ana said that she was only up for a few minutes, which makes the stunning photos they captured even more impressive considering the rush they must have been in to get them and get down from there.

These photos were more than just entertaining shots of a suspension. Photographer Dalibora Bijelic took these to use as part of her first solo exhibition. She is a very talented photographer, and more examples of her great work can be found on her website.

Ana is part of the Badaku Suspension Team out of Croatia, and I have heard nothing but great things from the individuals who have worked with them. As an added bonus, rumor has it today is her birthday, so make sure to stop in and give her some warm wishes. Although depending on where you live, you had better hurry; with the time difference they are a little ahead of all of us here in the states.

Happy birthday Ana, thanks for the great photos!


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