Any of you who watched the Super Bowl this year were clearly uninformed that there was something much more important happening that day. February marked AGRO‘s 5th year hosting Super Pull; what started as a small gathering of friends has now evolved into a major event in the suspension community. This year’s pull, even with a snow storm a few days before, brought five teams from four states together in Houston for an amazing day filled with great memories for everyone involved. If you missed out this year, you’d better mark your calendars for next February; this is something you definitely want to be a part of.

There were so many great moments, I really don’t think I can manage to mention them all. The biggest thing that stood out to me was how well everyone worked together. There was no rehearsal, no time to ease into getting to know one another. Everyone working that day found a job to do, and jumped in. We were working side by side with people that had just met, and you couldn’t tell one team from another. I was so impressed with everyone there and how well they all came together. It was a great example of teams that were willing to put aside egos to have fun working with and learning from one another.

There were several people taking hooks for the first time that day, and I couldn’t imagine a better atmosphere for your first experience with it. As everyone was connected to the hub the room began to fill with laughter, smiles, and lighthearted teasing and heckling between friends. This year there were 53 people all pulling at the same time from one central point. Part way into the pull, Robby Drip of DisGraceLanD kept the smiles going by making the hub (and those of us connected to it) his personal swing and trampoline. He was joined by Rick Pierceall, Kelli LaSalle, and several others as they took turns giving us all a little more of a challenge during the pull.

One of the most memorable people that day, both during the pull and as the suspensions began that evening, was Neil Chakrabarti. He chose to pull and suspend from four hooks, three in his throat and one in his forehead. His pull looked so intense as the skin began to stretch, but watching him you would have thought that it was a walk in the park. Not that anyone there would expect anything less from him. The suspension was far more serious, and I think the entire room went silent for a moment as he started to come off the ground. Although the hook in his forehead tore, he handled it really well from beginning to end; it was an amazing suspension to watch.

The night wrapped up with a very serene hammock suspension by Krishna White. The whole atmosphere of his suspension was very moving; the room was softly lit with blue lights, and a group of his friends had gathered around to watch. There were smiles and tears as he came off the ground. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day. The rest of the evening was spent cleaning up and relaxing after all the hard work put in by everyone that day.

Although it was the first time for many of us to meet, at the end of the day it felt like we were saying goodbye to old friends. I’ve said before that I love working with AGRO, and the Houston chapter was no exception. I was impressed with how smoothly the day went, especially considering the number of people that had to be not only pierced but cleaned and bandaged as well. Thank you so much to everyone who put time into making Super Pull happen. You all did an amazing job, and it was so great to meet everyone.

Thank you so much to Darryl, Allen, Morgan, and Jason for letting me steal their photos!