The art of body suspension is a subject that is viewed differently by every person that sees it, and a unique experience to each of us who participate in this community. For some people it is simply a curiosity, while for others it is a life changing and vital part of who they are. So what does it mean to you; how far would you go for this wonderful practice that so many of us hold close to our hearts? For his stunning book, Suspended in Time, photographer Matthew Larkin was willing to dedicate two years of his life to capturing the breath-taking images featured here.

Using a sensitive and time consuming process known as wet plate collodion positive, Matthew produced these ambrotypes, which are actually negatives that appear positive against the black glass plates on which they are produced. It is a form of photography dating back to the 1850s, and one that few modern photographers possess the skill and knowledge to perform. This process is not only labor intensive, but also dependent upon a large number of factors from humidity to temperature; the slightest variable can have an impact on the outcome of the image.  All of that time and work goes into creating a unique plate that cannot be reproduced, the pieces in this book are truly one of a kind works of art.

The amount of time Matthew put into this book can be seen on every page and in every photograph. The depth and darkness of the plates makes them appear haunting and serene, modern and timeless all at once. I have gone through the pages of this book countless times while writing this, and I really don’t think I can do it justice with words alone. I would have to post the entire book to be able to show how fantastic it really is.

A huge thank you is owed to everyone who worked on this book. The suspensions photographed throughout the course of this project were performed by Emrys Yetz and the very talented Rites of Passage suspension team. Suspended in Time is absolutely a gift to the suspension community. The countless hours Matthew Larkin put into this book documents a piece of who we are and the beauty in what we do. This book can be purchased online through Black Barn Editions; their site also provides more images and information about the book and its author.

Thank you Matthew for letting us use these beautiful photographs from your book, and for all the information that went with it.