I am always supportive of events or groups that work to strengthen the suspension community in their area. Brazil has been seeing a major growth in the number of suspension practitioners as well as those interested in suspending over the last few years. From that there have emerged several people who are working to unite the suspension community there and further the education of those who are providing body suspensions throughout their country. Suspension Attack Brazil 2012 is one of the efforts being made to show support and bring together the teams there. On January 24th, teams across Brazil will each hold suspensions in their area, and then share the photos, videos, and experiences they had with one another.

Many of you who have suspended can relate to the strong bond that comes from sharing a suspension experience with others, and I think it’s a fantastic way to connect their groups, even with so much distance between many of them. The event certainly isn’t limited to those in Brazil. They are encouraging teams around the world to participate as a show of support for their event and to share the photos or videos with them on their Attack Brazil group page. So far I have heard that they have teams in Russia and Germany participating in the event, and I hope we see that list grow to include more teams around the world. It is definitely refreshing to see people who are seeking to better themselves and the community around them. If you can’t participate, please feel free to take a minute and share some words of encouragement with the practitioners in Brazil on their group page. I am sure they will appreciate the support.

Thank you so much for the information about this Max Alves!