It’s been a little while since we checked in with Lassi and the suspension team in Helsinki, Finland. I was happy to hear that everything has been going well with them, and that they had a new set of fantastic suspension photos from their last private session. I have been excited about this project of bringing together suspension meets with professional photographers since I first heard about it, and you can see why. This private setting offers individuals a relaxed and comfortable environment in which to suspend, along with the opportunity to work with a great photographer to document their experience.

These photographs were taken by the very talented VV Elomaa at their Tempere Suspension Day. There were several impressive suspensions performed throughout the day, but my favorite has to be the images featuring the old bicycle. Not only is it a fun idea, but the position of the suspension looks so comfortable and works well with the whole scene.


I hope everyone who suspended that day had a wonderful time. I’m sure we’ll receive more updates from the team as they continue to work with VV Elomaa on the beautiful suspensions they provide. If you would like to see more image from this set, please visit Lassi’s website.

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