I don’t know exactly what it is about resurrection suspensions, but they always catch my attention. It seems like every time I am browsing through pictures I find myself staring at those images more than any others. I think visually it is how graceful it looks. The arched back, the way the skin lifts with the hooks, the relaxed position of the body, it all comes together to create a beautiful image of intensity and serenity all captured in the same moment.


The appeal isn’t lost on those outside of the suspension community either. Some of the people closest to me go pale just talking about the idea of hooks in skin, so I was surprised by the amount of positive feedback I got when I did a resurrection earlier this year. The most common responses I received were about how pretty the pictures were or how happy I looked. It was such a different attitude than people had with my previous suspensions. The typical response of “Why would you do that?!” was replaced with more sincere questions about how it felt and if I enjoyed it. Maybe my personal experience with it has made me slightly biased when I try to pick a favorite suspension.


So what do all of you think, is the resurrection suspension at the top of your list or is there something else out there that is catching your eye? I’d love to know, send me a message at southtownbaby@suspension.org or on my Facebook page to tell me what you want to see more of on Hook Life!


The pictures feature Alissa Saft photographed by Allen Falkner. at the ROP 2005 Rhode Island Suscon