Today’s post comes from guest writer, Lukas Larson.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lukas Larson and I’ve been active in suspension for over 5 years.  I’m also a developer of equipment for suspension and I travel many times a year to conventions and such.

I’ve also been filming content of suspensions I’ve been a part of for years, and have finally determined a purpose for this archive.  In one year I will be releasing the documentary I’m filming focusing on the people who practice suspension and their motivations for doing so.  The project is titled “The People Who Suspend,” and rather than summarize the info I’ve already written, I’ll just send you to the website to view the promo video and read over the production details.

I realize that it’s the holidays, and most of us aren’t rich anyway, so I’m not asking that the funding come specifically from the suspension community, but thank you in advance if you choose to back the project.

I am, however, asking for the help of the suspension community in non-financial way.  I need as much content as I can acquire of HD filmed interviews and suspensions.  I’ll be traveling the US and internationally and would like to meet, interview, and possibly suspend with as many people as possibly.

I’ll be posting my tentative travel schedule on the site and there is a link to contact me if you’ll be at, or near one of my destinations and would like to participate.  The production schedule can be modified as needed if financially possible.

I don’t just want to meet with the people who have been suspending forever either.  I’m very interested in the following:

  • Interviews with experienced and new practitioners.
  • Suspension video I can shoot live or use of quality HD video for B-roll shots of all kinds
  • A list of links where I can collect news publications of suspension of all types
  • A list of films and web video showing suspensions
  • Copies of legislation in the works or already passed regarding suspension.
  • I really want to do a suspension while during EEG (electroencephalography), and record my brain activity during hook throwing and different stages of suspension.  So if anyone can set that up, it would be great.
  • Any ideas people have for subjects to cover in the film would be appreciated.  The content I have planned will fill 90 minutes easily, but there may be something great I haven’t thought of yet.

Thank you all in advance for your support and help spreading the word.