When asked why people suspend, I feel like there are no words that can fully explain it. So much of it is made up of feeling, emotion, and internal experience that it ends up being like trying to describe a sunset to someone who has lived their whole life in the dark. All the words in the world would never do it justice. When I first saw this video by performance artist Danielle Dinar, what caught my attention was more than just the quality of the piece presented. It was that in two and a half minutes she managed to capture so much of what draws many of us to suspension; unity, achievement, and the immediate connection that can be felt with those we share this beautiful experience with.

Watching the two performers interact and work together through Danielle’s suspension, I was surprised to find out that she and Nicolas had never met before this. She chose to work unrehearsed with a stranger to explore the intimacy that we often feel in suspension. She explained that performing with someone she had never met allowed them to both go through a longer process of physical and emotional connection than if it were rehearsed. It is incredible to be able to see it unfold, and simply amazing to witness two individuals that had never spoken before display such visible chemistry with one another.


“Schopenhauer said that we experience the good experiences in life by negation. That in order to give ourselves something, it must first be taken away from us. That we are not aware of the three greatest blessings of life, health, youth, and freedom as long as they are in our possession. We become aware of them only when we lose them. Only pain and need can be felt substantially as they demonstrate their presence, and so by taking away my sense of security, freedom, peace, control and comfort, I make myself relive the feeling of being safe, peaceful, powerful, free and at ease. And same goes for intimacy.” -Danielle on suspension and this performance.


Danielle is no stranger to experimenting with various forms of performance, with artistic presentations ranging from live audience to recorded media, scripted and unscripted, some carefully planned and others impulsive. Along with this video shoot, there was also an audience consisting of a select few lucky individuals who were personally invited by Danielle to view the performance. She stated that the overall experience exceeded her expectations, and I feel that with a performance where the art of it really comes from sharing so much of yourself and your journey, that is far more important than any other element of what makes it so great to watch.


Although not currently a part of a suspension team, Danielle often works with Liron Mor and the Suicide Team in Israel for her suspensions. The number of groups involved in performance suspension is somewhat limited in her area, but she said that she would love to find a team to join if the right one came along.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Danielle, and for creating something so beautiful in the suspension community.


Make up artist: Ofek.Muse.Art – Concept Design & Visual Arts

Photographer: Tami Weiss

Video: Amit Einy