This question is almost impossible to answer as each kind hook has a different load capacity. The most common 10ga through 8ga gauge stainless fishhooks normally hold about 80 pounds static weight with little or no flexing. If the suspendee swings during a suspension the force on the hook can change dramatically (the dynamic load generated will be much more than the static weight of the person and the rig). Hooks are always a crucial variable that must be tested.As for skin, different areas of the body handle weight differently. For example the back can hold over 250 pounds from one point, where knees seem to rip at around 100 pounds. Depth of the piercing can also play a dramatic role in tearing. The hook needs to be placed where the body's weight is evenly distributed over the hook. If the hook is placed too deep, the skin will bunch up causing the entire pressure to be placed on the entrance and exit points, conversely, if the piercing is too shallow, the force is focused on one point.