First it should be noted that the "gauge" system for hooks is not the same as for body jewelry. The larger the number, the bigger the hook. To name a few examples commonly used in suspension, a 7/0 salmon hook is roughly the same size as 10ga jewelry, and a 9/0 salmon hook is roughly the same size as 8ga jewelry.It is important that stainless steel hooks are used -- most fishhooks are made of a high carbon coated steel which will quickly rust when autoclaved. Mustad salmon hooks (available in 10ga through 8ga) as well as Mustad octopus hooks (available in 8ga through 4ga) are some of the more commonly used (and easy to find) hooks.

Finishing is as simple as cutting off the barb, grinding it smooth, and polishing. Power tools will of course make this process go dramatically faster, but there is no reason this couldn't be done entirely with hand tools.