In modern terms, the most obviously related ritual is pulling, where two or more people play "tug-o-war" against each other with the ropes attached to hooks in their body. This is described later in this FAQ.As far as traditional rituals that are obviously related, one example is the Native American Sundance where the dancer is pierced in the chest or back, attached to a sacred tree and then pulls and dances until the piercing rips free. Another example would be the Hindu Kavadi bearing where devotees wear cages of spears/hooks or pull religious effigies by hooks in their skin. Others still would include cheek skewering and ball dancing (where small weights are sewed or hooked to the skin and slowly tear out over extended dancing).

As far as rituals that are peripherally related, very often fasting, sweat lodges, energy circle drumming, abstinence, sleep deprivation, and other practices are combined with suspension -- quite likely enhancing the odds of a 'spiritual' experience.