There are a number of differing opinions regarding this, but almost everyone agrees that you must be completely centered and positive. If you walk into suspensions frightened, you are far more likely to have a bad experience, and your chances of falling into deep shock are improved. Remember that suspensions are more mental then they are physical.What is maximizing the experience? One can approach it completely empty to simply discover the basic face value of the experience or one could supercharge the experience with ritual and symbolism to synergistically promote a desired result or state of mind -- just as ritual magicians perform customized spells and ceremonies designed to promote results. At the same time, attempting to adhere to rituals that you don't personally feel strongly about could add a layer of deception to the experience that takes away from it.

To truly maximize suspension or any experience, one must first have a goal in mind. That said, it is also helpful to know just how one will respond to an experience and thus it is worthwhile to go through it at least once without expectations or goals. Finally, realize that like most ecstatic rituals, it is virtually impossible to control the experience. While it can be guided, you can not control the experience, and attempting to do so could have unpleasant (and opposite) results.