Jane’s Addiction has certainly been on the move with their latest round of tour dates, with performances taking them from Boston to Buenos Aires and everywhere in between. Along the way, the band has reached out and welcomed members of the suspension community on stage to put suspendees in the air for their encore performance. Although the list of suspendees and teams that worked together to make this happen is extensive, I don’t think any of the shows were quite as special as when CoRE was able to collaborate with their team member, Dave Navarro, and join him on stage for the first time. Most of you already know that CoRE is a¬†ritualistic performance art troupe, and certainly no stranger to being on stage. Their performance alongside Jane’s Addiction appears to start out in the same format as the other shows along the tour, with two women suspended and swinging over the band as they play. Midway through the song, the visual presentation takes a clear turn to being a CoRE performance; the band is joined on stage by a figure wearing striking wings connected to the body through hooks in his back. As the music kicks back in, the dancer moves and spins to the rhythm of the drums, pulling the frame of the wings against his hooks to sway them with the music as sparks began to fly from the grinders at the end of the stage. It certainly did not end up being like any other show along the tour. Likewise, I am sure for Dave it was a different and wonderful feeling than the rest of the tour to have his two families united on stage for the first time.

Thank you all for sharing this with us. Be sure to check in to both artists’ websites to keep up with future performance dates!