November was a busy month for the suspension community in the US. Along with the multiple DisGraceGivinG events taking place, it also marked the debut of Veneration; a magazine aimed toward the suspension and body modification communities. Their editor in chief, Rachel Dorothy, took some time to tell  us more about the magazine, what you can expect in the first issue, and how to order.

Editor-in-Chief Rachel Dorothy:

“Veneration Magazine began as a dream among members of Skindicate Suspension in mid-2014. After much thought and planning, and after several adjustments to the staff running this show, I became the editor-in-chief of the project. Veneration was created in order to be a place for the heavier and more “taboo” arts to showcase their works, without fear of censorship or judgment. Obviously the magazine has a heavy emphasis on body suspension, and is going to be primarily focused on such, but we are looking forward to having performers of all genres in the magazine, including freakshow/sideshow acts, body modifiers, and other acts from across the globe. Speaking of which, Veneration is an internationally-available magazine. We hope to include several international parties in our upcoming issue, which is due for release in February 2015. Veneration is a quarterly magazine as of right now.”


“The magazine was released at DisGraceGivinG in Atlanta, GA on November 16. We have had amazing support from the suspension community and it really showed at the physical release. Being surrounded by hook family who came together for a beautiful purpose of celebrating the lives of our lost loved ones and giving back to the community was the perfect welcome for Veneration. The first issue features Tarah Una Robinson from Stay Classy in San Diego on the cover, with an article and photo spread inside. We also are pleased to have been able to include interviews with Joe Amato, Steve Joyner, and Mike Coons, alongside an international calendar of events, first-timer suspendees’ written experiences, insight on what scarring means to us as individuals, and so much more. All of the articles are accompanied by high-quality, carefully selected images. Having quality photographs was a huge deal for me, and I am so pleased to have been able to use images from some very talented people in this first issue.”


“If you are interested in ordering a copy of the magazine, you can go to Veneration’s MagCloud page (or search “Veneration” on MagCloud) or you can email us at Check us out on Facebook by searching Veneration Magazine. Additionally, I would love to get feedback from readers including questions, suggestions, or requests, and those can go to the Veneration Magazine email as well. The next issue is set to be out in February 2015, so keep an eye out if you missed the release of this one! Happy hooking!”


Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with how things are going with the magazine, and for all the hard work that you have all put into it. For those interested, there is now a digital version of the magazine available as well. Go show these guys some support, and make sure they know how much we appreciate them and their contribution to our community!

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