There is just something about Jill that puts me in a good mood. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that almost every time I have seen her, she has a smile on her face that lights up the room. In these photos of the suspension she did with members of Anchors Aweigh and Release Body Suspension, you can see what I am talking about with that lovely smile shining through as she enjoys the 2 point suicide she did in Oregon. And it seems like she has plenty of reasons to be happy; beautiful setting, three great teams working together, and an early morning suspension to start the day.

This suspension was actually a break from a road trip that the group was taking as they made their way back up the coast after leaving the Association of Professional Piercers annual conference in Las Vegas. Around 8AM, they decided to stop at this wonderful train bridge that offered a very serene looking setting for some suspension fun that morning.

Jill, as many of you know, is a huge part of the Disgraceland Hook Squad as well as being one of the founding members of the group. However, for this adventure she was working with some of her extended suspension family; Steeve Easley, Orb, and Genne did a wonderful job of putting this spur of the moment suspension together for her. Although with this group all hanging out together, I do have to admit that I am in no way surprised that they would have an entire setup in the car for suspension. I would actually be far more shocked if any trip they made didn’t involve fun times with hooks.

Thank you all for sharing these photos with us. It is great to know you had such a good time Jill!

Photos by Orb and Genne!