Most of you have already seen AGRO having fun at Chandler Park with their zip line suspensions, but what you might not know is that on the other side of the world #Leeds Suspension has been playing around with the same idea in Russia. Arseniy Andersson performed a trolley suspension from an overpass out across this waterway, and to the other side. I’m sure it was quite a rush to be able to swing above such fast moving water while suspending. Although everything went perfectly with it, I’m happy to see that a safety harness was in place just to be safe.

The first question I had was about the hook placement. They were fairly far out on the shoulders for a suicide suspension, as opposed to the typical placement in the upper back. Arseniy said that he is working on the tattoo on his back, and wanted to avoid that area with hooks. He had tried this placement in the back before; it not only held up well, but is also very comfortable to him, allowing easier movement of his arms while suspended.

I doubt anyone needs to be reminded that suspension can be dangerous. When teams are working with a suspension where the person could take a bad fall, or in this case fall into rushing water, it’s extremely important to take precautions. Zip lines and trolley lines like these have a lot more to them than just stringing up a rope and going across it. If you don’t understand the mathematics behind it or you have no training in this type of rigging, you definitely should not attempt it.

Thanks as always Arseniy for the wonderful photos. I’m sure there will be plenty more from the #Leeds Suspension team in the future.

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