The holiday season means Christmas carols playing in every store and restaurant, obligatory gift purchases to waste your money on, and lots of snow and cold weather for many of us in this part of the world. So how about a nice video to take your mind off all the fun from this season that makes you want to pull your hair out? Grab your hot cocoa, and curl up for a nice video treat from DisGraceLanD WasteLanD Suspensions that will blast the santa hat right off your head.

When Seeker frontman Bryce Lucien came across WasteLanD Suspensions online, they must have made quite the impression on him. Hoping to bring their art to the band’s next music video, he asked their label, Victory Records, to reach out to the group and discuss working together. WasteLanD’s team leader, Pervert, exchanged several emails with their director to learn more about their music, the song, and the concept of the video to ensure that they would be portrayed in a way that he was comfortable with. When it became clear that the two groups were on the same page with what they wanted from this project, it was just a matter of finding a location and a date.

Filming for When Hope Fails took place shortly after MECCA wrapped up, with some help from their friend Steeve Easley from Release Flesh Suspension in Iowa City. Carli looked stunning as always suspended in a two point resurrection, while Pervert is seen performing a pull with a single throat hook.

We have seen suspension and the music communities come together in the past, and I am always happy to see the two crafts work alongside one another. There is something about the right music and suspension that just go hand in hand. With the impact that music has for many people and its ability to really reach someone on such a personal level, it’s no wonder that our two styles of art continue to overlap so often. I am sure we will continue to see great projects like this in the future from members of both communities.

Thank you for the video and the information Pervert!