It’s been a little while since I last caught up with Mike and the rest of the HOOKED Suspension Team from Omaha. This video is a quick look at what they have had going on and a glimpse at their new indoor suspension space. While most of the country is still thawing out from the last bout of snow and ice, these guys will be enjoying their new 30,000 foot indoor playground. The video has several impressive suspensions, and it’s a great reminder that this team definitely know how to have some fun. And speaking of impressive suspensions, I had heard about Terry‘s plans to go up by his inner thighs, but had no idea he would go at it as fast or as well as he did. Regardless of how easy he makes it look in this video, I don’t think any of us have to ask how that one felt.

HOOKED is a team I always enjoy hearing from. On top of the great photos and videos they send our way, they are a wonderful group, and I am happy to see them doing so well. The new space looks like it will give them plenty of room to have a fantastic time and do some amazing suspensions. Thank you guys so much for the video, I can’t wait to see more.

Video by HOOKED and That Girl Production

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