Suspension Competition Entry #20 with the information provided by the submitter:

Information about the entry: December 19th 2011, featured is Carli D from DisGraceLanD Family Entertainment’s newest chapter, WasteLanD. She is doing a modified crucifixion/rebirth suspension.  Just 2 days before, Ribble received a call from JiJi Disgrace telling of the competition and that WasteLanD needs to be in it. Within minutes, a team was being assembled and planning had started. We picked Monday night knowing there was a punk show happening in Chicago and that there would be a good amount of people in town for the upcoming holiday.  Access to a private green room was arranged and this allowed us the ability to have a clean spot to prep and pierce. Hook selection was four 7g Black Sheeps in her back, and two 8g Mustads in her arms. 4mm black accessory cord was used for the primary support line and pink paracord was used to accent the rigging in a stylized pattern.  We rigged to a fire escape outside of Cobra Lounge’s front door. We had crazy responses from this as people from the show and bystanders took notice.  Passing cars swerved to a stop to take a look at what was happening and crowd comments of, “Oh my god, does that hurt?!! …..Quiet! She’s mediating….” And, “She’s like a pretty, pierced fairy!” were heard from patrons that came out to see the commotion caused by WasteLanD.

*Gloves seen in photo were clean and were not used for contaminated items.

Photo by Jo Ko / WasteLanD