Suspension Competition Entry #21 with the information provided by the submitter:

Information about the entry: December 19th 2011, featured is Carli D from team WasteLanD of DisGraceLanD Family Entertainment doing a modified crucifixion rebirth suspension. She is rigged to the fire escape outside of the Chicago bar, Exit. This was her 2nd suspension for the night at the 2nd Location in the beautiful 36 degree Midwest weather, and at this point she had hooks in for about 2½ hours.  We scoped out the Exit knowing it was the night of the staff Christmas party and a large, random audience would be in place. When we got there we gained access to the closed 2nd floor which gave us access to the fire escape. We were rigged and had her up within minutes of securing the spot. As she was lifted in the air, patrons and staff of the bar rushed out to see what was happening outside.  In the photo you can see the Bar Manger (Grey Hair) with his camera phone along with other bystanders capturing the random moment. WasteLanD managed to shock, at a place where nothing is shocking, and to top off a successful night…Our rope never touched the ground.


Photo by Dj Scatter / WasteLanD