Suspension Competition Entry #24 with the information provided by the submitter:

Information about the entry: After the first successful run doing this suspension (with Opal Colombel in a lotus position) we soon discovered it was too late in the evening for any decent photographs. It would be to our benefit to try yet again during the day time. The next day being New years, the park was a bit more crowded adding to the excitement and struggle to be unseen.  Jill Coudray came to town with the idea of suspending somebody on the Diving Bell Ferris wheel.  The Diving Bell is 100 feet high and located amongst downtown buildings, next to a major freeway at the Houston Aquarium.

Kieran Diedrich came up with the rigging ideas and overall organization of both suspensions, with Jill’s help. Britt Laird did an awesome job rigging both lotus suspensions in a very minimal time frame, risking possible jail to be in the cart.  Completing Jill’s idea was Jess Allbright suspending for our final attempt and submission photo. Hope you enjoy the photo as much as we enjoyed the experience.