Suspension Competition Entry #25 with the information provided by the submitter:

Information about the entry: This is Lucky Hell, part of Helsinki’s Supersankari Suspension Team, suspending from a 200 year old beam that was used to hoist ammunition to the cannons, on the island/old military fortress, Suomenlinna.  The island is a very important historical place in Finland, occupied for almost 200 years and included as a world heritage site in 1991.

We had planned this location for some time.  We waited until the very last day of the year. December 31st 2011, to see if the snow would come, but amazingly no real snow has fallen yet in southern Finland.  But don’t let the lack of snow fool you, it is minus degrees in Helsinki right now, and the wind on Suomenlinna has quite a nasty bite to it, due to its location in the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea).

There is less than six hours of sunlight during the winter so we started early, piercing in the city at Paradise Tattoo & Piercing, walked to the harbor and took a 20min ferry to the island, walked to the last corner of the fortress area and got straight to it.

The shot was hard to get as there were so many tourists walking in and out of our pictures, obviously not prepared for a naked suspension in the icy wind.  We chose a suicide because we were outdoors and in Finland at this time of year it’s so cold, you don’t really have the luxury to spend time on beautiful rigging 🙂


Jussi Paradise – piercing/rigging
Lucky Hell – suspendee
Tinttu Hentonen – photographer
Joona – assistant