As most of you know, the registration fees for the 2013 Dallas Suscon increased by $100 on February 1st. For many people this means that the event is no longer within their budget, but not to worry. Håvve Fjell from Wings of Desire has decided to donate registration fees to someone in need.


If you would like to attend the 2013 Dallas Suscon, but can’t seem to afford it this year, please write a letter and email it to Håvve explaining your situation and he will decide who Wings of Desire will be sponsoring.  Please have your letter submitted to the email below no later than Sunday February 10th.  His decision and the announcement will be made on Monday February 11th.

Huge thank you to Håvve, Wings of Desire and the crew of Pain Solution for their generous donation!

****Update – Thanks to everyone that submitted emails to Håvve.  It was a tough decision but after reading through all the entries, LeQueeta from the group The Suspendables was chosen.***

Thanks again to everyone.  We hope to see you all at suscon.