The new year is bringing with it several exciting upcoming events in the suspension community. The biggest one being this year’s Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention, scheduled for March 29th-31st, 2013 in Dallas, TX. In previous years, the Dallas Suscon has been very limited to non-practitioners and aspiring practitioners due mostly to limited space. The growing momentum of the event has led to a new location with much more room and with that the event will be able to offer learning opportunities for more non practitioners, as well as several new classes for both novice and advanced practitioners in attendance. It’s a unique opportunity that will bring together instructors from 6 countries to offer their knowledge and experience in the classes, workshops, and roundtables, as well as some of the most experienced practitioners in the world to work alongside on the suspension floor. Included in the long list of people in attendance will be our very special guest and lecturer, and one of the most influential names in body suspension, Stelarc.


Keep reading to find out how you can attend!

The focus of the Dallas Suscon has always been education, and this year makes that more apparent than ever. This year will feature over 30 classes and workshops, certification in bloodborne pathogens, CPR, and first aid, opportunities to facilitate suspensions alongside some of the world’s best practitioners, and a lecture and performance by Stelarc. Along with the classes offered and admission to Stelarc’s performance, attendance to the Dallas Suscon will also include supplies and equipment to suspend, breakfast and lunch each day, free transportation and admission to the afterparty, and the chance to make connections and friendships with hundreds of practitioners from around the world.


There are two ways to attend:


If you are involved with a suspension team, your team leader will be responsible for signing up all members attending as part of the team. This means only one person creates an account and is responsible for registering everyone they wish to include as part of their team. They may sign people up as Leaders, Trained, or Attendee. Please keep in mind, teams are responsible for who they sign up and seeing that their title adequately represents their training level. Your team MUST have a listing on the groups page to be eligible for this option. If you are not listed as a group already, you may apply here.

Leaders- Your team may have as many leaders as you want. These are individual fully trained that you would feel comfortable with training others or overseeing suspensions.

Trained- Individuals who are fully trained as either riggers, piercers, or both that you would trust to perform those duties without supervision.

Attendee- Individuals with your team who are either wishing to simply attend and hang out, or those who are still learning and might need a more experienced practitioner at their side to pierce or rig.


If you are not part of suspension team, but interested in learning to become a suspension practitioner, then the Individual registration option is for you.


Individuals not associated with a team are welcome to attend. It is a great opportunity to learn more and make connections with teams that might help you to continue your education after Suscon. Please keep in mind, one weekend of learning can not fully train anyone to facilitate suspensions, and it is not the intent of the event. Although there will be chances for hands on experience, for those not trained it should be viewed as a stepping stone to continue learning. Also note that space is limited and not all individuals that apply will be accepted.

Those not wishing to attend the convention may also purchase tickets to Stelarc’s performance and lecture separately if they want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to see his work while he is in the United States.

Although bigger, attendance is still limited. To learn more about the event and the classes offered and to register for the event, please visit the event page. Updates will be posted regularly, so keep checking back for the most up to date information.