Those of you that follow Hook Life know that this blog is dedicated to the world of body suspension.  However, today we decided to break from norm and share a video that is …well… it’s not directly related to suspension, but does “feature” Steve Joyner, the founder of the CoRE, one the worlds most influential suspension performance troupes.  So what’s this all about?  Below the video you will find the story and description by the video’s creator.

M. Ali Yaremko –  “This is a (belated) surprise birthday present for Steve Joyner, founder of “Constructs of Ritual Evolution” (CoRE). I  was commissioned by Gary Driscoll of the organization to do this video as an inside joke with the CoRE staff. These guys are my neighbors and I’m proud to be close to them, check out their awesome artistic form of suspension:

I used Adobe After Effects for the facial replacement and other effects. Some shots were motion tracked, but for the most part I manually animated the movements and rotoscoped foreground objects shot by shot. I was provided with a limited amount of Steve’s head images which I cut out in Adobe Photoshop prior to bringing into AE. The entire process was very tedious, but I’m sure Steve, Gary and the rest of CoRE will appreciate my hard work, and hopefully you guys on YouTube will too!

– M.A.Y.

Visual effects by M. Ali Yaremko
Original video by Chris Cunningham (one of my few personal idols)
Original music by Aphex Twin (another personal idol)