Birthdays are a time to celebrate and enjoy focusing on yourself a little. It’s a day that is all about you, and it should be spent doing the things you enjoy. And who in the suspension community wouldn’t want to spend that day surrounded by the people they are closest to doing what they love. That is exactly what Kaspa chose to do for his 26th birthday this year when he and 9 friends decided to suspend at The Brooklyn Dojo with the help of several people close to him who attended the event.

The Brooklyn Dojo has been a space that Kaspa and his friends have worked to turn into a venue for not only suspensions, but a safe learning environment as well. It is a project that is a few years into the making, and judging by the photos it seems to be working out wonderfully.

The highlight of the day was when they had four suspensions in the air at the same time; Henry in a shakra, Stacy doing a lotus, Ron in a fetus position, and Mikey performing a coma. Luckily they had a great photographer there to take photos of the event, as well as Angelica Vanessa to catch all of it on video.

Hooker’s Celebration from Angelica Vanessa on Vimeo.

Thank you all so much for sending this in to Hook Life. Happy (late) birthday Kaspa!