For those outside of suspension, it can be incredibly difficult to explain what motivates people to take part in this; how do you really explain to them that there is something happening beyond the flesh and hooks they are so focused on? It also happens to be one of my favorite things to learn about people in our community. Although many of us have some common ground for why we suspend, there are always details that really make each person’s reasons unique to them. Katy Doran was willing to open up and share part of her story with this video and photo shoot of her superman suspension done with Sick Boyz Suspensions of Oklahoma City. Not only is Katy a proud part of the SBS team, they were also the first people to bring suspension into her life at a time when she needed it more than she knew.

After the sudden and unexpected loss of Katy’s mother, her close friend Dustin Mathis, who heads up the SBS team, brought to her the idea of suspending on the one year anniversary of her passing. It was a chance for Katy to try something new, and possibly let go of some of the emotions that had built up over the long ordeal of her loss, the questions of why and how, the wait of autopsy results to give her and her family some answers, and the whirlwind of feelings that can only be explained if you have lost someone that close to you. It turned out to be exactly what she needed. She said that she felt more connected to her soul and her mother more than ever in that moment. It was a release of so much that had built up inside of her.


The next 6 months Katy actively took part in both SBS and AGRO‘s suspension meets, until she joined the Navy and left to begin her career. She has been fairly limited on her chances to suspend with being focused on work and the schedule that comes with military life. Unfortunately, after a series of health problems such as blackouts, rapid heart rate, and other symptoms that so far have no diagnosed cause, she may be facing losing her career at only 21 years old. With so much stress on her, and a growing number of questions about what may be the cause of her symptoms, Katy decided that she needed something to give her a moment of peace and tranquility amid the chaos around her.


Dustin Mathis and Chris Allen came together to facilitate the suspension, and luckily her timing was right to catch Clark Deal from Chaotic Studios to capture the moment for her. She said having Dustin there to hold her hand and talk her through the tears as she went through this suspension meant everything to her, and she couldn’t imagine how she would have coped with all of this if it weren’t for him bringing suspension into her life.


I’m happy to hear that the suspension went so well, and that you got what you needed out of it. I hope we hear soon that you have found some answers to everything going on in your life right now. Until then, everyone please keep some good thoughts, prayers, or energy (whichever you prefer) going her way.

On a side note, as I am sure it will be asked, Katy and the practitioners involved discussed the details of her medical issues before deciding to go forward with the suspension. Her doctors have said that her heart is in excellent condition, and that she is free to go about normal activity, including things that might elevate her heart rate. She is currently under no medical restrictions.