I generally try to make a point of not posting about myself on Hook Life. Something about it just seems a little self serving to me. But this weekend brought with it something I wanted to post here in order to express how I felt in a place that is much better suited than just Facebook. During Disgraceland Entertainment‘s Mecca Suscon in Omaha, I was awarded the first annual A. “Spliff” Rosa Award. When my name was announced, I was completely speechless. I honestly had no idea that I would be receiving it, and was so choked up all I could say was thank you and try not to cry in front of everyone. Now that I have had time to get past being so overwhelmed, there are definitely a few things on my mind that I would like to say about it to everyone in our community.

It was mentioned by several people that I was given this award because of how hard I work for this community. I honestly didn’t know what to say to that, because for me none of it is ever work. The people I have gotten to know and love through suspension and this beautiful thing we are a part of have given me so much in my life, more than I think I could ever explain. Any time spent writing, suspending, or reaching out to people in this community for me is simply my way of paying back something I have been given by all of you that is completely priceless. No amount of time I could put in this will ever come close to repaying what I receive in return every day knowing everyone that is a part of it.

In all of you I have found an extended family better than anything I could have imagined. You have all taught me more about loyalty, friendship, and dedication than I had ever known before. I just want to thank everyone for what you do in my life. Thank you for this incredible award. Thank you for being my brothers and sisters. More than anything, thank you all for letting me be a part of this thing that I love so much.

A full write up of the Mecca Suscon will be up soon!