Where do I start with the #Leeds suspension team? I honestly think I could write about them every week and have new photos; these guys waste no time getting people in the air for their next set of beautifully posed scenes. On top of that, they are one of the very few teams I have seen that focuses on suspension photography, and actually takes the time to plan out each photo from costuming to background and lighting. Here are a few of the latest photographs from their team, and as always they are wonderful.

Arseniy Anderson is the leader of #Leeds Suspension, and the mind behind the creative suspensions they come up with. After writing  about his team so many times, I am at a point where if I see a message from him it makes me smile. I know that means that his team has been up to something new that I will definitely want to see.

#Leeds was founded by Arseniy in April of 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia. These guys have certainly hit the ground running, and accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Their attention to safety was one of the first things I noticed when I saw a photo of a knee suspension they had performed in their early days of being a team. I was happy to see the girl suspended wearing a safety harness, but even more impressed when I found out how new they all were; at that time only a few months into it. Too many people first starting out ignore any safety precautions when they get caught up in the excitement of performing a suspension.  That first impression has certainly stuck with me as I have watched them continue to grow as a group and as practitioners.

Thank you guys so much for adding such a unique and creative view to body suspension. I always look forward to seeing photos from your team, and I can’t wait until the next set comes in.