Halloween weekend brought more than just trick-or-treating to Omaha, Nebraska. The Something Wicked Goth Ball returned for it’s seventh year, which I am told makes it one of the longest running goth events of this type in the nation. There was plenty of entertainment to keep the crowd going, but my favorite of the night is, of course, the suspension act put on by Hooked Suspension Team.

The members of Hooked put on three acts throughout the night, sharing the stage with fashion designers, bands, and DJs. The night included a full goth fashion show, featuring forty models showing clothing from designers like Kevin Steward of Threaded Inc and Doll Clothes by Chessna Fernald. This event was about more than just fun and fashion though. These groups and individuals that came together helped Something Wicked Goth Ball in their effort to raise money for the Nebraska Humane Society.

Zach, Buddha, and Kelly were three of the members suspending that evening with Hooked, and from the reactions I have heard, the night was a huge success. Zach and Buddha went up on the spinning beam, having fun and rough housing with one another; while Kelly looked stunning performing solo with her angel suspension. Being an all ages event, I’m sure it was the first time for many of the people there to see body suspension in person. It’s wonderful to know that it was received so well, and that their team had such a great time performing.

A big thank you to Hooked Suspension Team and Mike for sending in the great photos from this event.

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