A year ago today 4 members of our community were involved in a very serious accident.  Three of them have recovered, one has not.  Our brother Arwen “Spliff” Rosa is still paralyzed, but he is in my opinion a very fortunate man.  How so?  Well let me tell you a story.

Over the last 365 days we’ve seen people from all walks of life band together donating time, resources, and money to help him, his family and the others injured in the accident.  The level of support was something this community had never seen before.  To say that it gave me pride to be part of this community is an understatement.

After many months of being stranded in a city with very few community ties, Arwen was finally able to make it back to New York.  Medical air transportation is expensive  and dangerous.  Luckily his journey, entirely funded and paid through charitable contributions, was a safe one.

Back in New York, his girlfriend Jill, who was also injured in the accident, was/is constantly at his side.  As many of you know, her days were extremely difficult.  Beside caring for Arwen, Jill had the important task of caring for herself.  As you see,  Jill was pregnant with their child.

Jill who was pregnant at the time of the accident, made a full recovery and on February 22nd, gave birth to their happy, healthy, and beautiful daughter Odessa.  Being a new father is of course good fortune for Arwen, but the story doesn’t end there.

On July 8th, surrounded by friends and family Arwen and Jill were married.  Although Arwen’s life has changed dramatically, he is in my opinion a fortunate man.  Over this last year, the love from those around him has grown exponential.  He has a wonderful new daughter in his life.  And, to top everything off, he is now married to one the strongest and most dedicated people I have ever met.

To Jill, Arwen and Odessa – Life may be tough at times.  Just remember, we as a community are here for you and will continue to support you in any way we can.