The Anti-Gravity Relaxation Organization was founded in Houston, Texas in February of 2004 by Rick Pierceall and his wife Angela Marsh. Every year, on the first Sunday in February, A.G.R.O. Houston holds it’s annual Superpull Sunday, marking the anniversary of that very first meeting. This is an event exclusive to the Houston chapter, where A.G.R.O. got its start. In honor of Superpull Sunday, A.G.R.O. Houston opens its meet and welcomes the other A.G.R.O. chapters and suspension teams from all across the country to join in on a massive flesh pull.

dec 20th

This year will mark Houston’s 6th annual Superpull Sunday and we are changing the event up. Instead of everyone joining in on a central hub and just pulling aimlessly – we will have the hub, and we are making this a Tug-O-War competition, with an AGRO Superpull 2013 trophy awarded to the winning team.


Each team will consist of 10 people – 5 people with hooks competing, and 5 people to work: piercing, rigging, spotters, and bio during each match. Participants will be allowed to pull from any part of the body, as long as they do not exceed a maximum of 2 hooks per participant. Participants may switch between pulling and working between each match, but not during. Hooks must be completely covered with a bandage, and a article of clothing must cover the bandage if you are working a match. The winner of the match will be determined by the first team to pull their opposing team distance of 12 feet. People pulling during the match will not be allowed to touch the ground with their hands, and spotters are not allowed to help pull – they can only steady the person pulling. Winning teams will go on to face off until only one teams remains.

You can register for Superpull 2013 if you would like to participate at

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Superpull 2013 Pre-party:
Khris Harding’s Birthday Bash

pre party nassua chainsaw

The beginning of February is also Khris Hardings birthday! This year there will be a pre-party in our Co-Directors honor Friday, February 1st before the event. Admission is free to all registered Superpull 2013 guests. Admission fee for all others is 18 and up- $10, 21 and up $5. The pre-party will start at 8pm. The bar will close at 2am. Bands are TBA

18307 South Egret Bay Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058
Please contact Khris Harding for more details at 281-508-3184