A few weeks ago, the concept of ‘Attack Brazil’ was first announced. What started as a way to bring together artists in Brazil, turned into a community-wide effort as teams around the world stepped in to participate and show their support. As the list of those suspending grew, it became apparent how happy everyone was to see an effort aimed toward uniting a growing community of practitioners. Well now that it has come and gone, we are getting to see the product of their suspension day, and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

It really is a pretty amazing feeling to know that while you are experiencing all the incredible sensations of a suspension, there are people all over the world sharing in it with you. It’s a wonderful connection to have, and I think the idea was a lovely way to unite several different groups with our common passion. Although many of us are divided by distance and language barriers, the shared feelings we have toward body suspension are strong enough to overcome that and remind us of how alike we all really are.

After the success of the Attack Brazil suspensions, there is now talk of a worldwide suspension day that will be geared toward the suspension community as a whole. I think it’s a fantastic idea. With all of the differences or disputes we may have in the suspension community, it’s nice to have a reminder that we are all connected by our love of this incredible experience we share. I will be sure to post more information as the event is created. If it happens, I would love to see teams from every state and country possible participating; we have the opportunity to make this event a truly positive and memorable experience for us all.

Congratulations on the success of your event Max. I can’t wait to see how the worldwide suspension day turns out!