There are several images that come to mind when most of us think about Christmas festivities; hot chocolate by the fire, boxes with pretty bows, and stockings hung by the chimney. Well, in Croatia, the Badaku Suspension Team had a different idea of how to celebrate the holidays. Their group, along with members of the suspension community from four other countries, came together for an event suspending twenty people over two days. If the holidays are about being around those who are important to you, then what better way to celebrate than by being surrounded by the people you care about and doing something you all love.

There were a few familiar faces at this event, and Ana said her favorite out of the two days was Rolf’s knee suspension. It marks his 77th body suspension, with many more to come I’m sure. It’s wonderful to know that everyone had such a great time, I always love seeing photos like these where so many people are smiling and laughing.

Thank you so to Ana for sending these in to us. The photos were wonderful to browse through, and I hope we continue to see more from your team in the future!

Photography by: Martina Kax Salov

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