The Supersankari Suspension Team out of Helsinki, Finland has performed some fantastic suspensions in the past, with everything from extreme heights to freezing temperatures. Now this group is putting a creative twist on their suspension Sundays by coming up with themes for the days they set up. I think it’s a wonderful way to keep people interested in seeing what will come next, as well as adding some fun new elements for the team to work with each suspension day. They kicked off this new idea with Black Sunday; a day of dark music, candle light, and some great suspensions.

With a theme like this, it would be very easy for the images to come across as cheesy if they took the wrong approach. Suspension is already something that is so easy to make gory or creepy that it doesn’t need a lot of big effects to be presented as such. These photos, however, pulled off the Black Sunday concept wonderfully. The contrasts of light and darkness combine with the textures of the venue really work well with the suspensions and the overall idea they were going for with the day. The end result is a combination of a skilled photographer, a terrific location, and a team that was able to make this theme really come together for the eight lucky suspendees that took to the air that day.

I am really excited to see where this idea goes for the Supersankari team. It’s always so refreshing to see people having a little fun with suspension and finding new ways to play with it. From the looks of the venue they are in, there are going to be an abundance of options for them to work with as they come up with more suspension Sundays in the future. We will definitely keep checking in on what they are up to and showing off their lovely photos here on Hook Life.

These great images are from Xeniya Balsara. Thank you so much for the photos and the information Jussi!