From guest writer Ricky Williams:

DiSgrACeLaND Hook Squad hosted another month of hooks and blood at NYC’s Blood Manor. It was great to see everyone from all over the states and even Ireland come out and participate in this months event.

I give a lot of respect to everyone who participated because in my eyes this was a true endurance event. Not only did each hooker have to suspend between 3-6 hours but they had to do it outside in NY’s harsh October weather.

Some of the performances included Superman, chair, rebirth and standing man suspensions. There was corseting, lip stitching, hand stitching and breast stitching. We had one girl getting buttons sewed onto her arm while being suspended. CoRE came out with wings and head pieces laced together with hooks and rig-line that looked like it was inspired by Hellraiser (I could be wrong though). Shenanigans also included fire breathing, beds of nails, swinging 20lb bowling balls from their faces and getting $20 bill stapled to foreheads with big industrial staplers.

With this all being said I think this month was a huge success. Even though Jill and Arwen weren’t here in body they were in everyone’s hearts. This month was bittersweet but this family and community are filled with such strong souls.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who came out to shed blood this past month with DiSgrACeLaND Hook Squad, Skin Mechanics, CoRE, AGRO and anyone else I might have missed.

D-i-S-g-r-ACe LaND! And if you don’t know! you betta ask somebody!