October is right around the corner, and that means fall leaves, cooler weather, and most importantly, Halloween. I’m sure many of you who are big fans of Halloween fun have already heard of Blood Manor, New York’s premier haunted house. This Halloween will mark the sixth year that Blood Manor has been terrorizing guests, and with 5,000 square feet and 19 different creepy scenes, there is plenty to scream about. While most of the haunted attractions rely on special effects and makeup, DisGraceLanD Hook Squad will be there with some friends making people squirm the old fashioned way, no fake blood required.

This event is your chance to see some of the suspension community’s best groups come together. With members from CoRE, AGRO, Skin Mechanic Suspensions, HOOKED, and DisGraceLanD Hook Squad working together to amaze the crowds outside, entertaining doesn’t begin to describe the scenes that await those venturing to the manor this year.

Blood Manor is open through the entire month of October and the first weekend in November, so you have plenty of chances to get in on the fun. While you wait to enter, you will get to enjoy the outstanding performances brought to you by these groups. I would hate to give too much away about what’s in store, but I have heard skewers, hooks, needles, and theatrical performance are just a few of the things on the menu for the night.

For dates, times, and ticket information please visit BloodManor.com. They also have plenty of pictures from previous years to give you a taste of what will be waiting once you get inside. These groups are working hard to bring you the very best entertainment from all over the country, so don’t miss out. It will be a long wait for next year if you do.

Just look at those kids’ faces, I don’t think anything I write will sum up how awesome this is to see in person better than that.

Laura DeSantis-Olsson took these great photos featured here today, and Orb from DisGraceLanD Hook Squad was kind enough to pass them along to us.  Thanks to all the groups who are going to be working on this. Let’s hope we see plenty of creepy pictures from it soon!