This past Halloween there were a number of suspension events to choose from across the country. One of them was Trauma, which was previously featured on our event page here. The show was sponsored by Evolved Body Art in Columbus, OH, and judging from these pictures, it was a huge success. I’m sure the crowd loved watching these beautiful ladies perform, and it looks like they had a great time showing off for the audience.

The two lovely women performing are Bella Vendetta and Lauren D, with suspension work done by Jared (aka Mute-One). I rarely have the problem of having too many great photographs to choose from, but thanks to the hard work of photographer Todd Eko, I had plenty to pick between. If you would like to see more from the event, check out their website which includes a list of photographers’ galleries from the night.

Thank you so much to Jared for sending these to us. With all of the great photos and videos he takes of body suspension, I’m sure we will be seeing him again here on Hook Life!

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