Updated August 27th

July 15th, 2010 – While in route from Houston to LA, four members of our community were involved in a very serious car accident. Here are the details we have at the moment.

While on the freeway their SUV had a blowout, the driver lost control and the car rolled several times into a ditch. Jill Coudray and Brandon were treated and released from the hospital. They are doing well and thankfully Jill’s baby is OK. Arwen(Spliff) Rosa and Robby(Ribble) sustained serious injuries and were air lifted to the Odessa Medical Center in Odessa, Texas.  Ribble is now walking, talking, joking, and has been discharged for the hospital. He would like everyone to know that he walked out of the hospital.  Both Brandon and Jill are also doing well, and Jill’s baby is doing great. If there is any big news or changes, we will keep you updated. Until then, do not expect day to day updates. Please continue to send your love, well wishes, and any donations possible.

Latest UPDATE: From Jill “Arwen has been transferred. We’re now at a rehab facility in Lubbock TX. Well be here for at least a couple months. It was a stressful ride for him getting here, but it’s a another step in the right direction…..”

Ribble and Spliff

More info can also be found on the Nassau Chainsaw site.

Here is what is needed: Right now, donations. So far the response has been amazing, but the medical expenses are still piling up. If you can donate anything at all it would be very much appreciated.

And most importantly, we need your love and support. Kind words and positive energy help more than you know. The people helping right now are hurt, physically tired, and emotionally drained. Please support our family by contacting them directly or leaving positive messages online. Below are links to their facebook pages:

Arwen(Spliff) / Robby(Ribble) / Jill / Brandon

Neil, Sara, Noman, Vivian and everyone else that was there, be strong. We love you all.

Ribble and Spliff
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