Over the last several months I have been very fortunate in getting to know the Skindependent team out of New Zealand. It’s so refreshing to speak with Eden Thomson who heads up their team, and hear how passionate he and his group are about learning and improving their skills. They have recently worked out their team schedule to include an open suspension day, which has a team meeting to review anything they are learning, as well as a day set aside for a crew meeting every month to give them class time together. This allows them to have a separate day that is dedicated to teaching members new skills, looking over anything new that may have been learned, and discussing upcoming events they have planned. Eden recently sent photos of their last crew day, and it looks like some class time that I wouldn’t mind being a part of.

Eden and I joke quite a bit about just how much nerdy, technical conversation we have with one another when it comes to body suspension and rigging. But as much as we tease one another, it has been extremely motivating to get to know someone who has such a love for this community and this craft. His focus on learning never fails make me want to learn more myself, and often pushes me to ask questions or find more information about aspects of our equipment, techniques, and practices. Hearing how highly members of his team speak about him, I can only imagine that his dedication does the same for them. I’m sure they all know how fortunate they are to have a leader who encourages them to constantly better themselves.

Now that I have seen their suspension schedule for the rest of their year, I hope they know that I’ll be fully expecting more lovely photos like these to be rolling into Hook Life when they have a meeting. Thank you all for sending these in, as well as for the chance to get to know you better. I hope none of you ever lose the drive you have for learning about this beautiful craft we are a part of.

If you have photos you would like to see on Hook Life, please feel free to send them to Southtownbaby@suspension.org