On a previous post, I had mentioned that Bardo would be presenting an art show in Seattle back in August that should definitely not be missed. Well now that the beautiful photos from the event are out, all of us who couldn’t attend can now kick ourselves a little for not being there. This show brought several talented individuals together, including honorary Bardo member Jill Coudray of Disgraceland Hook Squad, Josh Parkhurst of Central Coast Suspensions and AGRO LA, and Hilary of Operafication. As you can imagine, it was quite the combination to bring in alongside a group that is known for it’s beautiful suspension work and presentation already. The photographs they featured on their website following the show were fantastic, but I have come to expect nothing less from this wonderful team.

Some of the positions that they chose could have easily come across as awkward or somewhat uncomfortable; hanging in a modified coma from an upside down bicycle and a superman with one leg left hanging down for example. Somehow with this group though, those poses look effortless. The lines for the rigging maintain the same clean, crisp look they seem to always acheive, and the suspendees look peaceful and happy.

One thing that the pictures can’t translate is the experience of seeing something like this come together as the suspendees go into the air. With this performance, I am sure the suspendees’ experiences were just as wonderful as the audience. I have seen Hilary sing while suspending and it is quite a moment to witness; the beauty of her suspending combine with the power and elegance in her voice have brought tears to more than just my eyes. I can’t imagine the how incredible it was for the other suspendees that were in the air with her while she sang.

Chris has hinted that there will be more performances with Hilary in the future, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. I am sure this team will continue to impress us as they move forward with their art. Congratulations to everyone involved in the show, it looks like it was a fantastic experience.

Photos by Donnally Thomas