***Update: The date has been changed to Sunday November 21st.***

As some of you may have heard Corinth Park (1837 Corinth/1800 Lear) was recently vandalized. All the artwork was ruined, main power cut, toilets destroyed and cement poured into the drains. This malicious attack caused extensive damage and unfortunately will be extremely costly to fix. Over the years this building has been very important to our community hosting such events as the Dallas Suscon and numerous other art exhibitions. We feel that it’s critical to keep this venue open and functional.


Video of the 2010 Dallas Suscon by Precarious Egg Productions

On Sunday November 21st, the members of TSD suspension group and several other previous event organizers have decided to volunteer their time to clean, paint and help repair the building. If you would like to contribute on that day, please drop us a line or feel free to visit the Facebook events page listed below for more information.

Thank you in advance to everyone

Facebook Events Page: